Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why use Flash files?

    Flash is a software created in vector animation which allows image , vector graphic image, animation and videos. In this site it is used for power point presentations because Microsoft Power Point does not save the file in a form the common web browsers such as FireFox (other then IE) can use – it uses a non–standard HTML form.

  2. I use Firefox and I don't have a flash player.

    Firefox is not originally equipped with the flash plug–in but it can be downloaded. The page on should automatically do this but if not follow these instructions. Flash is owned by Adobe <>. The English version of the latest flash player can be down loaded for free from <> (accessed 1 January 2010).

  3. How can I contact the Author?

    To contact the Author simply click on web–mail and fill in the text box. You need to provide a real email address which stops computer generated spam from flooding the author.

  4. The Greek grammar pages do not display properly

    If your text looks mess like this: "? ????µe??? ?????p??" you probably do not have Gentium fonts installed. Go to the Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc (SIL) web site and down load and install Gentium fonts. To do this go to the download page at < ( accessed 2 January 2011) and download the lastest version. You only need Gentium basic fonts for these pages to display properly. For example I used the following for my PC.:

    Gentium 1.02 (Windows installer) Victor Gaultney, 2008–05–16 Download "Gentium_102.exe" , Windows application.

    Download the package to a file on the computer – often "My Document", then open "My Documents or what ever folder you save the package to, and double click it. It will run and automatically add the fonts.

    If you own a Mac then down load. Gentium 1.02 (Mac OS 9, Mac OS X)